Tuesday, August 29, 2006

third movement of the myspace sonata

What, what, WHAT can I say about this quiz but right on?

Which Member of Rammstein are you?

You are Till Lindemann, the lead singer! You are the man of the show, whipping yourself with a cat of 9 tails, lighting your body on fire, running around with boots that erupt with sparks and shooting a flamethrower over the audience! You just plain rock!
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second movement

Love this one. Makes me feel all special and stuff. Except that I'd rather be understood than see another cocked eyebrow.

heh...I just wrote "cocked."

Which Rammstein Music Video Are You?

Du Hast
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myspace is a little bitch, in three movements

Three fab Rammstein quizzes, and I can't post them to my myspace blog. First one.

What Rammstein Song Are You?

You're Herzeleid! My, what a terrible cynic you are! You're just about to give up on ever getting anything good out of life, and you can shut up any optimist with a few short and sweet sentences.
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Monday, August 28, 2006

suicide bombers and kamikazes

This interview with Salman Rushdie in Der Spiegel got me thinking...has anyone looked at similarities between suicide bombers and the kamikazes in World War II? Rushdie says the following:

Lenin once described terrorism as bourgeois adventurism. I think there, for once, he got things right: That's exactly it. One must not negate the basic tenet of all morality -- that individuals are themselves responsible for their actions. And the triggers seem to be individual too. Upbringing certainly plays a major role there, imparting a misconceived sense of mission which pushes people towards "actions." Added to that there is a herd mentality once you have become integrated in a group and everyone continues to drive everyone else on and on into a forced situation. There's the type of person who believes his action will make mankind listen to him and turn him into a historic figure. Then there's the type who simply feels attracted to violence. And yes, I think glamour plays a role too.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Which evil corporation are you?


53% personality, 26% politics/class, 86% intelligence

You're a Starbucks whore. Spread those lips.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on personality
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You scored higher than 99% on politics/class
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You scored higher than 99% on intelligence

Friday, August 18, 2006

a definition of sin; more thoughts on Islam

"Sin is not just a list of moral mistakes. It is living a life turned in on itself where people ignore the consequences of their actions." --Richard Chartes, Bishop of London, quoted in The Toronto Star.

What is it about Christianity that made it both an essential precursor to the Enlightenment and the source of white liberal guilt? I am getting the sneaking suspicion that Milton is telling us something in Paradise Lost that we all need to hear.

As a longtime Wiccan, I feel a fair amount of consternation at the way I'm writing about Christianity. I do not believe in sin, period, and haven't for decades. Yet there is something in the bishop's definition that is of value to us all, I think. Anyway, I'm still mulling over all this stuff, including the not-so-recent posts I've made.