Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rammstein: introduction

My Rammstein essays were originally part of a series posted on both Herzeleid.com and the official Rammstein fan area. It kills me to see them expire, so I caved in and got a Blogger site.

This image is of three of the band members (Doom, Till and Olli) with Vin Diesel and another man (the one on the far right..I'm sure he's terribly important, and terribly offended). The other band members are Paul, Flake and Richard. Give the names a German pronunciation, if you don't mind. They're hanging out with Vin Diesel because they performed in his film xXx.

The music is great, but the lyrics are what have kept me interested. I used to be a Tool fan. Once I discovered the depth of Rammstein's lyrics, I changed codes.

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