Monday, April 16, 2007

Art and Culture: The Watchers

Just now in my inbox from the Art and Culture Yahoo group:

"When people complain that they can't get what they want, one of the simple truths and explanations is that they don't really want it. We are all told and have experienced that when you put your mind to doing something you usually get it done, if you see it to the end.

"People who understand this truth are usually getting more done in life, than those who believe in chance and fate. BUT, there is a huge catch, most of those people who are getting things done have not established what they Really want correctly. In today's world, there are so many idols, so many immediate options, some can be grabbed while others just elude us. Deciding on what you want becomes problematic, because the core values in life have been parodied in popular culture so many times, that you would believe the parody and not even recognize the truth when it presents itself to you. The Truth is the same everywhere, the Parodies become cleverer with each season of Fashion.

"The community in the Art and Culture group often refers to itself as 'the Watchers', because we are responsible for seeing beyond what is represented in our daily lives where ever we are on the planet. And to go deeper and beyond what is local to what is fundamentally universal. And to go beyond what is 'shown to us' as universal via Global Media, to what is true and innate inside every human being; the links that tie all together, the values that could hold us in harmony for millenia to come."

--Marco Mann

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