Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day musing.

How wonderful can one's world be if it only exists on the interior?

In reading Chris Brogan's awesome blog post about his three goal words for 2009, I started thinking in a preliminary way about privacy. As a rule, I do not reveal much of myself on this blog; that's partly because I'm a GenXer and thus more individualistic, and partly because I'm an only child who issues press releases, not information. The fact that keeping my own counsel has been a historically poor choice hasn't stopped me from continuing to do so. My brain is quick to remind me that Milton would not advise this.

The people whose blogs I admire most are those who have good judgment about what to make public and what to make private. I don't have a single-word concept for this yet; it's not just "openness." Besides, that's so 2008. Perhaps it's time to consult Roger. (Now that would be a fun set of words--three, picked at random from a thesaurus.) Anyway, more on this as it goes.

If you've got three words of your own, or just thoughts about this as a potential process, I'd like to hear about it.

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