Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obama in Turkey: One statement of interest.

Got this from @Thandelike:

Obama tells Turkish uni students that friends give each other honest opinions and that's a benefit of friendship between states

While I totally agree with Obama on this, I don't know how it'll be received. When a country or a group places honor above all, the rule of law disintegrates and the rule of subjectivity replaces it (or in the case of a group, the willingness to abide by external rules). Subjectivity intrudes upon perception and prohibits humility. It permits self-deceit.

If it sounds like I'm saying that states and groups abiding by honor also abide by self-deceit, then you get your choice of stuffed animals from the middle shelf. It was necessary for Obama to say that to Turkey; we'll be lucky if they are only made uncomfortable by it.

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