Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sometimes I love people.

The material in quotes was taken from one blog comment by another commenter, whose response follows.


"Just further evidence of global warming."

Just further evidence of how cuts in education benefit the radical right. They get elected because they keep the population ignorant. If they adequately funded schools, more people would know the difference between climate and weather, between short-term temperature fluctuations and long-term global temperatures. So to remain in power, they keep the public mesmerized by their bumper-sticker slogans and away from the dangers of reading books.


Bob said...

Loving people: the best way to have a life :}

B O B :}

The Sanity Inspector said...

Say you open the newspaper, flip on the tube, or click to your go-to news source. You see the opposition up to something which disgusts you. "Those people are idiots!", you think to yourself.

Question: What would they be like if they weren't idiots?

If your response is along the lines of "Well, then they would stop saying X and doing Y," then all well and good.

But if your response, whether articulated or pre-verbal, is "If they weren't idiots, they would be more like me," then, you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...
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