Thursday, January 03, 2013

MAGFEST, day one.


Yes, MAGFEST. Also known as Music and Gaming Festival 2013, also known as the BIGGEST BADASS GEEK PARTY EVAR.

We're at the Gaylord National, which is at National Harbor, across the Anacostia River from Alexandria, VA. Gorgeous hotel, top-notch service, amazing conference facilities.

Did I mention that last year, there were 6,100 attendees at MAGFEST? Yeah. Not a lot by other industry standards, but it's up there in geekdom.

Right now, I'm in a session called "Publishing for the Specialty Market." Good session so far; the presenter is well informed about how the publishing industry works for niches. Cool, eh? You know it is.

You're going to get posts for days from me. Enjoy!

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