Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Purposeful retro.

Thinking about this. The linked article does not make sport of these women, which it easily could. It does a nice job of presenting their reasons for their choices and doesn't conclude with snark. Refreshing. Not sure I could do it myself, but I see the appeal.

Interesting that they're GenXers.

So much about their choices seems anathema to me; I'd feel as though I were giving up something essential in myself. I wonder how much of that would be the case, though. They each refer to "clearly defined roles" in their relationships. From what I can tell in reading articles about men that were written *by* men, it's not that men want to feel dominant so much as they want to feel important, consulted, and heard. Seems like that's too easily misread by women, and yes, I am a longtime misreader of it myself. Ick. Anyway, I don't think it's as simple as some people will dismiss it for being.

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Adriana said...

That's a very interesting read. Makes me wonder why in some cases the man's voice has to be the only voice for him to consider it 'heard.'

Definitely more complex issues behind it, like you said.