Monday, October 01, 2012

Anonymous, Halloween, and Remix Culture

Today is the first anniversary of #OccupyDC, a movement that brought less attention to itself than #OWS did by a long stretch, but which perhaps may end up being more persistent.

But why would OccupyDC be more persistent? Weren't the OWS protesters speaking truth to power, and doing so more directly?


The real power is in Washington, not New York.

Like many others, I have mixed feelings about the direction the Anonymous movement has taken. The world where the mask originated--England of 1605--no longer exists, and the ideas powering Alan Moore and David Lloyd's graphic novel V for Vendetta are radically different than those powering the Anonymous movements. 

I approve of protest over ideas; I disapprove of ill-informed, misdirected loathing.

Real, powerful cultural remixes come from a different source. I understand that the Occupy protesters learned their tactics from their aging hippie parents. I understand that their passion led them to believe in a kind of ideological purity.

Remixes are by definition impure.

More on this tomorrow.

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